DeeDee & The Dirty Martinis

The Reservoir Lounge proudly presents its latest debut band, DeeDee and the Dirty Martinis – an early 1960′s Rhythm and Blues seven piece band.

DeeDee is young and talented; She delivers an authentic sound with intonations of funk and blues from the early 60s. Famous early Motown greats and R&B classics are performed by DeeDee in a still and seductive spell from the stage to her audience with a sensational delivery. As you are in the ambiance of our bar lounge and hear DeeDee & The Dirty Martinis, you feel the era when John Kennedy was President and Ray Charles was the King of R&B. This is the first R&B act performing regularly at The Reservoir Lounge, and that says a world about DeeDee. As the next style of sound following the Swing era, the original generation of R&B music is now reincarnated at The Reservoir Lounge. Be sure to visit